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Note: Live Music Setup S

I have two different concepts for playing live music. One being sung pre-written songs (egg plant), the other live techno (trickster). (Solo projects, in addition to group projects like discatur.) I want to use this note to brainstorm and decide on particular sets of gear that would work well for each. I want to make setups that are efficient, flexible, great-sounding, and manageable, both to play and move around to gigs and such.


  • Elektron Digitakt: Drums, samples
  • Moog Sirin: Bass, fun synth sounds
  • Prophet Rev2: Keys, synth
  • Mic: Voice
  • Ecluer Nuo 2: DJ mixer
  • Empress Zoia: End-of-chain FX
  • 2-tier keyboard stand with a slab of wood

For this, I would write songs that can be performed with Digitakt running and sequencing Sirin (and also Rev2 if necessary). I can also play Rev2 directly, which I think would be part of the idea.

Tricky part here is having to both play keys and manage Digitakt/Sirin, which is not impossible but a bit stressful. Could make use of Digitakt Song Mode to automate this, though. Tradeoffs of that are: considerably more work up-front; not as much possibility for improvisation

audio routing

  • Sirin, Digitakt, Rev2 → Nuo 2
  • Nuo 2 → Zoia
  • Nuo 2 FX send → Zoia
  • Nuo 2 → house


WIP. Starred items I don't actually own.

  • Elektron Digitakt: Drums, samples
  • Moog Sirin: Bass, bleeps
  • Waldorf Blofeld: Harmonic synth
  • Korg Electribe EM1*
  • Faderfox or similar set of midi knobs*
  • Ecler Nuo 2: DJ Mixer
  • Empress Zoia: FX

Idea here: Prepare patterns using Electribe, Digitakt, and Virus. Map Faderfox to Zoia and Blofeld settings. Send things into Nuo 2 with Zoia FX send. This setup would sound very legit, I'm sure of it, because you could have two full-fledged tracks going at once, control all the individual parts of them, and affect them with a DJ mixer.

Manageability: This feels like a lot but also doable to me. It's a similar amount of stuff to AceMo Live @ Nowardays, and even with one less synth in favor of a single multitimbral one. So the parts would pretty much be prewritten but with improvisation to the arrangements, transitions, sound shaping, FX craziness, etc.

Amount I need to spend to realize this setup (in order of priority)

  • Faderfox – $250
  • Korg Electribe EM1 – $400-600

Would be really nice to upgrade Blofeld to:

  • Access Virus A – ~$700

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