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Note: Dirtywave M 8 Tracker

Notes, tricks, shortcuts, ideas about how to get the most musical fun out of the Dirtywave M8.

My setup

I don't have an actual M8. I run it headless on my laptop using a Teensy 4.1 and a Switch Pro Controller. I'm extremely grateful and a bit in awe that the lone creator of this thing has open-sourced the software and written a very detailed guide on how to set it up. I'd love to buy a real M8, but they're expensive and on back-order indefinitely.

In the future, I'd like to run my headless M8 through something like an Anbernic RG351V or perhaps a Steam Deck if I end up feeling like it's worth buying one of those. My current setup is fun, with the big screen and comfy controller, but I'd like to have something portable to jam on while lying in bed, on the couch etc.

What is the M8?

The M8 is a portable music tracker that runs on a Teensy microcontroller (a lil computer). It features a delightful, game-like workflow heavily inspired by Little Sound DJ, a tracker that runs on a Game Boy. But the M8 offers way more musical possibilities than LSDJ, with multiple synth engines, a full-featured sampler, effects, LFOs, envelopes—enough possibilities to make complete songs and albums.

Producing music on a tracker takes some getting used to but is powerful and compact, and offers a workflow that is nicely limited and opinionated; ultimately the M8 is nice in that it's not as daunting as a full DAW.

M8 tutorials and resources



M8 tips


Tracks I've made with M8

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